Wedding day Prep


Let's face it girls! This long awaited day... A day where all eyes are on us and the beauty of the day rings true from beginning to end. We need that extra boost of a glow on this day if any! I do have to say in the South, girls tend to place this one on the back burner. Skin treatments blowing into the wind because all that humidity truly does help a girl out! (It's true what they say... 'the prettiest girls live in the South') Maybe that sounded arrogant, but I'm just paraphrasing!

Here's the truth, the humidity + smiles + the love of makeup do make a girl glow! But you gotta give it all you've got when headed down that aisle. Trust me, when a lens is coming at your face all day long, you'll want to! Now obviously I'm a girl who loves makeup, but makeup doesn't do it all! Plus don't opt out when it comes to treating your skin prior to waking down the aisle! You'll feel your best and most confident! 

I don't mask often, but when I do... Its this one from Sisley! More often than not, we need something to carry us through the week! Working out... working... and all those parties leading up to the big day! Here's a little trio I love for prepping into the big day and getting your skin in tip top shape!

  1. EVE LOM makes a cleanser to die for!! It's seriously a big time favorite. With a little grit and a lotta slip, it'll have your makeup melted off in no time! Just add a little and massage it in, then heat up the muslin cloth that comes with it and lay across your face until its room temp... (about 30-40 seconds). Then rinse out and repeat!
  2. Sisley's Skin Care Lotion. This light weight product preps your skin for treatments. If you use toner, it goes after. If you use serums, it goes before! I know... it's strange, but your skin needs some extra special goodness to hydrate! We spend too much time drying our skin out. Keep it hydrated girls! 
  3. Sisley's Creamy Mask with tropical resins- YUMMY! Leave it on while you're in the bath. 10-20 mins once or twice a week will do! No need to stress, if you aren't a bath lover! Throw it on before jumping into the shower and rinse off before you get out. That'll do it too! 

Lastly, don't forget that smooch! Here's a go-to for getting those lips soft and smooth before you pucker up for I DO!! But whatever you do, don't neglect your prep time! Soak it up and stay with regular facials leading up to your big day at least 3 months before. You won't regret it!!




Pregnancy glow

BABY, you look good!


My beautiful friend Megan Kennedy and her first go at Mama-hood

My beautiful friend Megan Kennedy and her first go at Mama-hood

There's a beauty about being pregnant that can't be explained. Science has tried it, society has donned it as "that glow", and truthfully it exists. BUT there's more to it than meets the eye. When your hormones are on overload, not everybody reacts the same way, with a flawless radiance that can't be explained. We each have our own set of triggers, and while one may be to OVERGLOW... the other may be to OVER produce oil and have some significant breakouts! With that being said, this is one of those times you want to look back on with pleasure and know you did all you could do to maintain your skin while being safe about pregnacy.

Here's a favorite go to! And all the girls dig it... pregnant or NOT!! 

  • Dermaplaning + Oxygen treatment = one happy soon-to-be mama :) 

this treatment screams radiance! Scraping away all that dead skin whilst removing peach fuzz makes a massive difference. I've had so many new mama's say they see more peach fuzz during that time anyway, that it's a constant glance in the mirror to make sure Santa hasn't come to town. If that's you, consider yourself in the clear. And beware, it's kind of addictive. Skincare works better and makeup goes on smoother creating that beautiful glow that ALL pregnant women want to display. 

FEAR- the number 1 reason women don't do treatments while they're pregnant. Because they're afraid of harming their soon-to-be babies. Don't be scared of treating yourself to Dermaplaning and oxygen while you're pregnant. It's the one splurge you're sure to see results with! 

The treatment begins with what I like to call double cleansing. It's a gentle cleanser combined with an enzyme and steam to loosen dead skin and provide the prep work for dermaplaning to go well. Dermaplaning is a technique done with a surgical blade made for gliding across the skin. This technique is not the same as shaving, however there has been quite the spin on that recently... And if you're looking to cut corners and costs, you can give that a whirl! BUT if it's a quality treatment you'd like to enjoy, you'll want to connect with an expert who's been trained in this specific trade. I must say I do a lot of dermaplanes on people and the benefits far outweigh what shaving can offer. It's my number 1 repeat service. When you combine that with an oxygenating treatment you've got a winner! It's the faux peel for pregnant women. Safe and extremely effective for breakout, mild pigmentation, and all around glorious looking skin. It can be repeated every month or every other for continuous build-able results. Think no more... It's painless and powerful! Just say yes!

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Messy Bun UNDONE

No pun intended... Okay, for those of you who don't have time to wash your hair everyday or just don't care too, here's a simple technique that'll keep those long locks from controlling your time! When you finish your workout, pull those bobbi pins out and let it flow~ ENJOY!!

She's so Clutch

I heard that once and totally felt like I was the most interesting girl in the room, although I had to ask what it meant! Not sure about you, but I think every blonde could use an interpreter from time to time!

One thing I do know about though are cluthches... And you can't go wrong with a good one! So I want to share just the right must-haves that make that itty-bitty clutch a worth while accessory for a fun night out! 

Here are some amazing go-to's for when size matters and looking good all night long is on the check list! 

mini hair spray

  Bad baby making it happen in the land of Girlie wishes!  

Okay okay! Before you spit out your latte, know this... they also have a MINI DRY SHAMPOO!! Dreams really do come true!

stila lip stain   oh yeah  

This just makes me happy! Stila is such a fun brand. And these little velvety glosses last for hours without looking like it! No need to worry about it coming off on napkins or glasses. Just get it in place and go! 

Fragrance Lovers bleeker street purse size spray

This is an all time favorite for me, chicas! The signature fragrance I've worn for years now, but these clutch-sized ones make a great way to know your scent is tracking into the midnight hours. Of course you can find your very own signature one. They have so many in their pocket book collection! 



With all the talk on natural alternatives on everything you can imagine these days, what's a girl to do??  I for one, love trying new things, so when I hear about something filtering throughout the world of organic, I'm all in! Just last night I was at dinner with friends talking about herbs and vitamins and organic lifestyles, and one of my friends referred to me as a hippie. I do drive a Prius, and I do go 4 days at a time without washing my hair on a good week, but I don't know if that technically qualifies for being a hippie. On that note, I have clients often who never go a day without washing their hair... Maybe because they want to, maybe because they think they can't.  BUT... given the right info, you may likely become a hippie too!

To me, buying random shampoo is like buying a random facial cleanser. It may not be hurting you, but it may not be helping either. Loads of shampoos alter the PH of your scalp, just like a cleanser for your face or body.  Some of the biggest hype around is that your scalp has nothing to do with it... HOGWASH ladies!!  Your scalp has a PH just like your face and the rest of your body does. It needs balancing just the same. For so many girls, i think we look at shampoo like its just another part of your day or your routine, but honestly, you need to find one that's right for you. Try experimenting with a few of the above for starters. I've used each of these, and I think they fit an array of budgets. "Monoi" by Carol's Daughter being my favorite, is filled with essential oils and will keep your scalp fresh enough to at least skip a day. The trick will be learning to adjust and to allow your scalp to start balancing those oils. So skipping a day at first and maybe washing 2 days in a row may be a good start. Then skip another day, and so on until you can skip two and feel comfortable. I am  also a massive fan of dry shampoo. This can be a game changer for those of you longing to save some time everyday. On those first days of skipping, go ahead and add a little to the roots of your hair just after washing and drying. It'll create instant volume and keep your hair from laying flat onto your scalp, all the while absorbing some of the oils that may be building up throughout the day. You may never go further than every other day, but at least you'll cut your "getting ready" time in half when you do, and wouldn't that be a dream???



Foundation Wardrobe

On a recent shoot, I had more than one person and a variety of ages mention how they don't own a liquid foundation. And in my girliest gasp, I kindly responded... "Liquid foundation is like that one pair of heels on a less than glamorous vacation. You may only wear them once while you're there, but oh how necessary they were for that one night! Ladies, if you're still on the "powder-only trend" you're really missing out! Liquid foundation is a game changer. I know there are a lot of options to choose from, but trust me, unless you're 15-18 and still having breakout, you might be doing yourself a favor to make the switch. 

Foundation isn't the same as primer. It isn't a product that should work like spackle and make all the wrongs right. It's meant to even out skin tone (uneven color, blotchiness) and give you a glow. The beauty is, if you aren't a stiletto sort of girl, you don't have to buy a stiletto sort of foundation. Choose one that compliments your primary need. Is it that you NEED coverage? Do you just want to look more even-toned all over? Or are you looking for a fix on sunscreen and hydration all in one? It makes a difference to do your research. Make sure you have some idea before hitting those department stores... It can be a bit overwhelming.

Allow me to share the ones that I tend to favor. 


Love love  love...

and for all the right reasons! It's light, it's smooth, stays on all day, and is free of things your skin doesn't enjoy! 

this one...

You'll feel like your skin is as flawless as the little mermaid, all the while enjoying how lightweight + luxurious it is~

I know, i know... 

but this one still gets me! It looks amazing in pictures, gives some protection in the sun, and wears well into the night. 

Whatever your skin needs, there's a right match out there! Discover what it is, shop around, and make THAT your latest trend. Because growing up is good. And glowing skin is even better! 


Find me if you need help! 

Sunshine +

'Here comes the sun, doot n' do-do, here comes the sun...and I say it's alright!'

Can't you just hear it... that little tune ringing in your ears? As the season of Summer's coming to an end here and schedules change and we all long for the moments everyone's off work and the sun comes out...

I love the beach just as much as the next blonde, "but I say" don't be fooled by 'end of summer sun.' It's still sun... and it still has consequences and we should still use our I.Q.'s and make smart choices... [insert Prius mentality here again:)]. With Labor Day is just around the bend, I wanted to make sure we are all prepared for what happens when skin turns pink and we think that we're on our way to a great tan. 'White, then pink, then bronze'--- Wipe that system out of your minds please. Pink is never a good sign. It's a sign of O VER EX POSURE, and ain't nobody got time fa dat!

Several years back I was at the beach with a couple of girlfriends for my birthday, which is at the beginning of May, btw...And these cuties got all set up and started pulling out the tan amplifier! Grrrrrr, well being the aesthetician that I am, I gave them my sunscreen speech, (they both had a good laugh), then the smell of banana boat amplifier filled the air as our shades went on and we placed our noses in the sand. I seriously love everything about the beach! Even the things others don't. Sand between my toes, sand in the car. Crunchy salt water hair, no makeup... the works! I love getting all set up and making a day of it. Give me a Lucky Mag, a cooler with snacks, an umbrella and I'm good to go for hours! But these girls, they wrecked my month long dream of days on end in the sun listening to Kenny Chesney and having girly conversations for hours on end... Their fair skin was fried from day one! So days two and three I listened to moaning and complaining about how much it hurt and how there was no way they could go back to the beach. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! This is why we came!! So a couple of things to keep you moving at the beach, listening to the sound of the waves and the seagulls. And not worried about how PINK skin has ruined your dreams!

photo cred: from the movie "there's something about Mary"

photo cred: from the movie "there's something about Mary"

#1. Get an umbrella! Seriously, no one needs to sit in the direct sunlight all day without a break. It's ridiculous. Go to the 5 and dime~ Go to the Surf Shack, who cares... Just get one!

#2. WEAR SUNSCREEN, oh wait, you weren't sure what I said?!? Umm, we're not talking spf 15 folks... Get chu some SPF 30 or above. You can move down a bit after a day or two, but never go under Spf 15.  YOU WILL STILL GET SUN!!! But a little side note... A sun tan is actually your body's defense against the sun. Nope, I'm not kidding! {Don't mind me---your skin---the largest organ of your body---Just trying to protect you!} For those of you who like to "burn first", YOU are wrecking the largest organ of you body. It needs your help! #besmart You only get one chance!

#3. Aloe will be your best friend~ keep it on hand, seriously. I like to use the real thing... A plant! But you can buy 100% aloe as well. If you DO HAPPEN to get burned, even not trying too, take a cool bath in vinegar diluted with water, then apply aloe. You can do this a few times a day, depending on how severe it is! OR you can soak a cloth in vinegar and lay it on the damaged area. That helps alot. Try though, NOT to wreck your vacation, or anyone else's, with PINK skin. As you continue to sit in the sun with damaged skin, it only gets worse. Skin Cancer is no JOKE! Don't think 'it may not happen to you'. Do the right thing!

Enjoy the sun~ Be smart~ Safe tanning skills to ya~ Happy end of Summer!  My fave is below!


I don't know about you, but sitting on the beach, I'm inclined to be listening to a random collection of Keith Urban songs and flipping through magazines until the sun goes down. I know, I know, what you're thinking, she's an esthetician. Yes, I am... But no one's judging, right?! We've all got our thing in life. Where we bend the rules a bit and run like the wind...? I say go for it. BUT BE SMART!!! The sun is no fair player. If you're anything like me, you'll need a few trusty products to help pull you through a day in the sun without the negative effects of it on your face! Here are some of my summer sun faves! Products that'll give you a glow and a good head start to staying hot on the beach, while sweating it out! 

  1. Wunderbrow- I discovered it a while back and it makes all the difference in the world! When it comes to being blonde, I can attest to eyebrows making a big difference on your face! I immediately look 14 when I'm not wearing it. This one is in place for the long haul! !2 hour wear. You won't be disappointed, but it takes a little practice.
  2. Kiehl's SPF 50 BB Cream- You can't be out in the summer heat without taking care of your skin, even in the shade. The sun's rays are coming from every angle. And while a little glow feels pretty looking back at you, the effects of the sun on your skin are worse than you think. Be safe and be smart! YOLO. Protect pretty luvs!
  3. NYX soft matte lip cream- I love these because when they're on, they're on! No drying your lips out, no cackey-looking effect. Just a pretty burst of color. One that will last and last even in the summer heat! And to me, you can't throw on a fun swimsuit without a fun pop of color. It just ain't right! It's like wearing your favorite cocktail dress with flip flops. 
  4. Maybelline Lash Sensational Waterproof Mascara- this is the one I use at the beach and on the brides! And not because it's cheap... because it's amazing! The way it separates your lashes & stays on through the crashing of waves, COME ON!! It's a win-win. 

So as you hit the beach and get those toes in the sand, don't forget to grab your favorite waterproof products to keep that fresh beachy look from sun up to happy hour! 


So I just left Colorado and -17 degree weather, only to land myself back in the state of  "experiencing every season in one week" land. I LOVE it here in Alabama, but the weather can be temperamental and hard on your skin. Who knows what I'm talkin' about?!?!

On that note, I've decided to lend you the list of my favorite things according to climate changes and how NOT to experience defeat in the midst of it all. Something I recently discovered is this little cleanser by Eve Lom. Such a pretty package, huh? But it feels just as pretty on tired and tight skin. Layer a bit on dry skin to remove makeup, rub around in circular motions, then use warm muslin provided to allow makeup to dissolve and skin to feel beautiful all over again.


2nd stop--Sisley black Orchid mask... This little number can act as a mask for those specific moments, or an everyday moisturizer, depending on your climate. For instance, if you're in Colorado, maybe it's your go-to... IF you're in the South, only a dab will do ya! You catch my drift.

Item #3 (Lord 'A Mercy)... L' Occitane Lavender hand cream is where it's at! Lightweight, but ideal in every situation. It's just got something. And you feel it the minute you apply. The boutique, should you find one in your city, is like an English Bath & body works, only way'll seriously lose track of time in there!

And for those locks... Bumble & Bumble's Hair Dresser's Invisible Oil Finishing Spray- I laughed when my sweet friend recommended this to me--"Who did she seem to be talking to?" But I can't live without it. It's gonna rewrite the reasons you don't wash your hair everyday. Shine, softness, just to name a couple of things about it. If you're beyond 30, keep a bottle on hand! Bumble is laughing right about now because they knew they were onto something!

5. AGAIN<<< and i can't stress this one enough! Chapstick was made for the slopes, Young Living Lavender Lip Balm was made for kissing. You choose your kryptonite, but I say 'when in ROAM'... (Yes, i know... Rome is spelled a little differently in my book!)


Happy Winter-ing!!