So I just left Colorado and -17 degree weather, only to land myself back in the state of  "experiencing every season in one week" land. I LOVE it here in Alabama, but the weather can be temperamental and hard on your skin. Who knows what I'm talkin' about?!?!

On that note, I've decided to lend you the list of my favorite things according to climate changes and how NOT to experience defeat in the midst of it all. Something I recently discovered is this little cleanser by Eve Lom. Such a pretty package, huh? But it feels just as pretty on tired and tight skin. Layer a bit on dry skin to remove makeup, rub around in circular motions, then use warm muslin provided to allow makeup to dissolve and skin to feel beautiful all over again.


2nd stop--Sisley black Orchid mask... This little number can act as a mask for those specific moments, or an everyday moisturizer, depending on your climate. For instance, if you're in Colorado, maybe it's your go-to... IF you're in the South, only a dab will do ya! You catch my drift.

Item #3 (Lord 'A Mercy)... L' Occitane Lavender hand cream is where it's at! Lightweight, but ideal in every situation. It's just got something. And you feel it the minute you apply. The boutique, should you find one in your city, is like an English Bath & body works, only way'll seriously lose track of time in there!

And for those locks... Bumble & Bumble's Hair Dresser's Invisible Oil Finishing Spray- I laughed when my sweet friend recommended this to me--"Who did she seem to be talking to?" But I can't live without it. It's gonna rewrite the reasons you don't wash your hair everyday. Shine, softness, just to name a couple of things about it. If you're beyond 30, keep a bottle on hand! Bumble is laughing right about now because they knew they were onto something!

5. AGAIN<<< and i can't stress this one enough! Chapstick was made for the slopes, Young Living Lavender Lip Balm was made for kissing. You choose your kryptonite, but I say 'when in ROAM'... (Yes, i know... Rome is spelled a little differently in my book!)


Happy Winter-ing!!