Sunshine +

'Here comes the sun, doot n' do-do, here comes the sun...and I say it's alright!'

Can't you just hear it... that little tune ringing in your ears? As the season of Summer's coming to an end here and schedules change and we all long for the moments everyone's off work and the sun comes out...

I love the beach just as much as the next blonde, "but I say" don't be fooled by 'end of summer sun.' It's still sun... and it still has consequences and we should still use our I.Q.'s and make smart choices... [insert Prius mentality here again:)]. With Labor Day is just around the bend, I wanted to make sure we are all prepared for what happens when skin turns pink and we think that we're on our way to a great tan. 'White, then pink, then bronze'--- Wipe that system out of your minds please. Pink is never a good sign. It's a sign of O VER EX POSURE, and ain't nobody got time fa dat!

Several years back I was at the beach with a couple of girlfriends for my birthday, which is at the beginning of May, btw...And these cuties got all set up and started pulling out the tan amplifier! Grrrrrr, well being the aesthetician that I am, I gave them my sunscreen speech, (they both had a good laugh), then the smell of banana boat amplifier filled the air as our shades went on and we placed our noses in the sand. I seriously love everything about the beach! Even the things others don't. Sand between my toes, sand in the car. Crunchy salt water hair, no makeup... the works! I love getting all set up and making a day of it. Give me a Lucky Mag, a cooler with snacks, an umbrella and I'm good to go for hours! But these girls, they wrecked my month long dream of days on end in the sun listening to Kenny Chesney and having girly conversations for hours on end... Their fair skin was fried from day one! So days two and three I listened to moaning and complaining about how much it hurt and how there was no way they could go back to the beach. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! This is why we came!! So a couple of things to keep you moving at the beach, listening to the sound of the waves and the seagulls. And not worried about how PINK skin has ruined your dreams!

photo cred: from the movie "there's something about Mary"

photo cred: from the movie "there's something about Mary"

#1. Get an umbrella! Seriously, no one needs to sit in the direct sunlight all day without a break. It's ridiculous. Go to the 5 and dime~ Go to the Surf Shack, who cares... Just get one!

#2. WEAR SUNSCREEN, oh wait, you weren't sure what I said?!? Umm, we're not talking spf 15 folks... Get chu some SPF 30 or above. You can move down a bit after a day or two, but never go under Spf 15.  YOU WILL STILL GET SUN!!! But a little side note... A sun tan is actually your body's defense against the sun. Nope, I'm not kidding! {Don't mind me---your skin---the largest organ of your body---Just trying to protect you!} For those of you who like to "burn first", YOU are wrecking the largest organ of you body. It needs your help! #besmart You only get one chance!

#3. Aloe will be your best friend~ keep it on hand, seriously. I like to use the real thing... A plant! But you can buy 100% aloe as well. If you DO HAPPEN to get burned, even not trying too, take a cool bath in vinegar diluted with water, then apply aloe. You can do this a few times a day, depending on how severe it is! OR you can soak a cloth in vinegar and lay it on the damaged area. That helps alot. Try though, NOT to wreck your vacation, or anyone else's, with PINK skin. As you continue to sit in the sun with damaged skin, it only gets worse. Skin Cancer is no JOKE! Don't think 'it may not happen to you'. Do the right thing!

Enjoy the sun~ Be smart~ Safe tanning skills to ya~ Happy end of Summer!  My fave is below!