Foundation Wardrobe

On a recent shoot, I had more than one person and a variety of ages mention how they don't own a liquid foundation. And in my girliest gasp, I kindly responded... "Liquid foundation is like that one pair of heels on a less than glamorous vacation. You may only wear them once while you're there, but oh how necessary they were for that one night! Ladies, if you're still on the "powder-only trend" you're really missing out! Liquid foundation is a game changer. I know there are a lot of options to choose from, but trust me, unless you're 15-18 and still having breakout, you might be doing yourself a favor to make the switch. 

Foundation isn't the same as primer. It isn't a product that should work like spackle and make all the wrongs right. It's meant to even out skin tone (uneven color, blotchiness) and give you a glow. The beauty is, if you aren't a stiletto sort of girl, you don't have to buy a stiletto sort of foundation. Choose one that compliments your primary need. Is it that you NEED coverage? Do you just want to look more even-toned all over? Or are you looking for a fix on sunscreen and hydration all in one? It makes a difference to do your research. Make sure you have some idea before hitting those department stores... It can be a bit overwhelming.

Allow me to share the ones that I tend to favor. 


Love love  love...

and for all the right reasons! It's light, it's smooth, stays on all day, and is free of things your skin doesn't enjoy! 

this one...

You'll feel like your skin is as flawless as the little mermaid, all the while enjoying how lightweight + luxurious it is~

I know, i know... 

but this one still gets me! It looks amazing in pictures, gives some protection in the sun, and wears well into the night. 

Whatever your skin needs, there's a right match out there! Discover what it is, shop around, and make THAT your latest trend. Because growing up is good. And glowing skin is even better! 


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