With all the talk on natural alternatives on everything you can imagine these days, what's a girl to do??  I for one, love trying new things, so when I hear about something filtering throughout the world of organic, I'm all in! Just last night I was at dinner with friends talking about herbs and vitamins and organic lifestyles, and one of my friends referred to me as a hippie. I do drive a Prius, and I do go 4 days at a time without washing my hair on a good week, but I don't know if that technically qualifies for being a hippie. On that note, I have clients often who never go a day without washing their hair... Maybe because they want to, maybe because they think they can't.  BUT... given the right info, you may likely become a hippie too!

To me, buying random shampoo is like buying a random facial cleanser. It may not be hurting you, but it may not be helping either. Loads of shampoos alter the PH of your scalp, just like a cleanser for your face or body.  Some of the biggest hype around is that your scalp has nothing to do with it... HOGWASH ladies!!  Your scalp has a PH just like your face and the rest of your body does. It needs balancing just the same. For so many girls, i think we look at shampoo like its just another part of your day or your routine, but honestly, you need to find one that's right for you. Try experimenting with a few of the above for starters. I've used each of these, and I think they fit an array of budgets. "Monoi" by Carol's Daughter being my favorite, is filled with essential oils and will keep your scalp fresh enough to at least skip a day. The trick will be learning to adjust and to allow your scalp to start balancing those oils. So skipping a day at first and maybe washing 2 days in a row may be a good start. Then skip another day, and so on until you can skip two and feel comfortable. I am  also a massive fan of dry shampoo. This can be a game changer for those of you longing to save some time everyday. On those first days of skipping, go ahead and add a little to the roots of your hair just after washing and drying. It'll create instant volume and keep your hair from laying flat onto your scalp, all the while absorbing some of the oils that may be building up throughout the day. You may never go further than every other day, but at least you'll cut your "getting ready" time in half when you do, and wouldn't that be a dream???