Pregnancy glow

BABY, you look good!


My beautiful friend Megan Kennedy and her first go at Mama-hood

My beautiful friend Megan Kennedy and her first go at Mama-hood

There's a beauty about being pregnant that can't be explained. Science has tried it, society has donned it as "that glow", and truthfully it exists. BUT there's more to it than meets the eye. When your hormones are on overload, not everybody reacts the same way, with a flawless radiance that can't be explained. We each have our own set of triggers, and while one may be to OVERGLOW... the other may be to OVER produce oil and have some significant breakouts! With that being said, this is one of those times you want to look back on with pleasure and know you did all you could do to maintain your skin while being safe about pregnacy.

Here's a favorite go to! And all the girls dig it... pregnant or NOT!! 

  • Dermaplaning + Oxygen treatment = one happy soon-to-be mama :) 

this treatment screams radiance! Scraping away all that dead skin whilst removing peach fuzz makes a massive difference. I've had so many new mama's say they see more peach fuzz during that time anyway, that it's a constant glance in the mirror to make sure Santa hasn't come to town. If that's you, consider yourself in the clear. And beware, it's kind of addictive. Skincare works better and makeup goes on smoother creating that beautiful glow that ALL pregnant women want to display. 

FEAR- the number 1 reason women don't do treatments while they're pregnant. Because they're afraid of harming their soon-to-be babies. Don't be scared of treating yourself to Dermaplaning and oxygen while you're pregnant. It's the one splurge you're sure to see results with! 

The treatment begins with what I like to call double cleansing. It's a gentle cleanser combined with an enzyme and steam to loosen dead skin and provide the prep work for dermaplaning to go well. Dermaplaning is a technique done with a surgical blade made for gliding across the skin. This technique is not the same as shaving, however there has been quite the spin on that recently... And if you're looking to cut corners and costs, you can give that a whirl! BUT if it's a quality treatment you'd like to enjoy, you'll want to connect with an expert who's been trained in this specific trade. I must say I do a lot of dermaplanes on people and the benefits far outweigh what shaving can offer. It's my number 1 repeat service. When you combine that with an oxygenating treatment you've got a winner! It's the faux peel for pregnant women. Safe and extremely effective for breakout, mild pigmentation, and all around glorious looking skin. It can be repeated every month or every other for continuous build-able results. Think no more... It's painless and powerful! Just say yes!

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