She's so Clutch

I heard that once and totally felt like I was the most interesting girl in the room, although I had to ask what it meant! Not sure about you, but I think every blonde could use an interpreter from time to time!

One thing I do know about though are cluthches... And you can't go wrong with a good one! So I want to share just the right must-haves that make that itty-bitty clutch a worth while accessory for a fun night out! 

Here are some amazing go-to's for when size matters and looking good all night long is on the check list! 

mini hair spray

  Bad baby making it happen in the land of Girlie wishes!  

Okay okay! Before you spit out your latte, know this... they also have a MINI DRY SHAMPOO!! Dreams really do come true!

stila lip stain   oh yeah  

This just makes me happy! Stila is such a fun brand. And these little velvety glosses last for hours without looking like it! No need to worry about it coming off on napkins or glasses. Just get it in place and go! 

Fragrance Lovers bleeker street purse size spray

This is an all time favorite for me, chicas! The signature fragrance I've worn for years now, but these clutch-sized ones make a great way to know your scent is tracking into the midnight hours. Of course you can find your very own signature one. They have so many in their pocket book collection!