Wedding day Prep


Let's face it girls! This long awaited day... A day where all eyes are on us and the beauty of the day rings true from beginning to end. We need that extra boost of a glow on this day if any! I do have to say in the South, girls tend to place this one on the back burner. Skin treatments blowing into the wind because all that humidity truly does help a girl out! (It's true what they say... 'the prettiest girls live in the South') Maybe that sounded arrogant, but I'm just paraphrasing!

Here's the truth, the humidity + smiles + the love of makeup do make a girl glow! But you gotta give it all you've got when headed down that aisle. Trust me, when a lens is coming at your face all day long, you'll want to! Now obviously I'm a girl who loves makeup, but makeup doesn't do it all! Plus don't opt out when it comes to treating your skin prior to waking down the aisle! You'll feel your best and most confident! 

I don't mask often, but when I do... Its this one from Sisley! More often than not, we need something to carry us through the week! Working out... working... and all those parties leading up to the big day! Here's a little trio I love for prepping into the big day and getting your skin in tip top shape!

  1. EVE LOM makes a cleanser to die for!! It's seriously a big time favorite. With a little grit and a lotta slip, it'll have your makeup melted off in no time! Just add a little and massage it in, then heat up the muslin cloth that comes with it and lay across your face until its room temp... (about 30-40 seconds). Then rinse out and repeat!
  2. Sisley's Skin Care Lotion. This light weight product preps your skin for treatments. If you use toner, it goes after. If you use serums, it goes before! I know... it's strange, but your skin needs some extra special goodness to hydrate! We spend too much time drying our skin out. Keep it hydrated girls! 
  3. Sisley's Creamy Mask with tropical resins- YUMMY! Leave it on while you're in the bath. 10-20 mins once or twice a week will do! No need to stress, if you aren't a bath lover! Throw it on before jumping into the shower and rinse off before you get out. That'll do it too! 

Lastly, don't forget that smooch! Here's a go-to for getting those lips soft and smooth before you pucker up for I DO!! But whatever you do, don't neglect your prep time! Soak it up and stay with regular facials leading up to your big day at least 3 months before. You won't regret it!!