Discovering beautiful

When you really look for beauty, you realize it's everywhere! 


Let me just preface this conversation with, "I love what I do..." and more than that, I love who I get to meet along the way. Being in a thriving industry is a special thing. When you offer information & services that people will always need, it's a real gift! But to me, a greater part of that gift is becoming friends with those women. I was at an annual scarf exchange party of a dear friend last night, and every year I have come away with not only a new client, but a friend as well. See, that's the thing about beauty, it seems to link people together... And in this story, I truly met these women along the way of my everyday life.

I am a regular at Continental Bakery because it's right by where I live. And Alexis is one of the real life Baristas at this fun French Bakery and the sister of a good friend of mine. For a while I've been saying her pretty face should be in front of the camera. She carries the light of day in her hair and in her style. She has her own fun blog on fashion aside from school and coffee shops. While sitting there sharing coffee with a friend...

In walks Debbie! The door flew open and she walked in, like a breath of fresh air! But I have a habit of overloading and telling people when I see their beauty. (Not everyone is accustomed to that slight Southern way) But I let it fly and Debbie was all but crying in .2 seconds. Y'all she seriously didn't know she was this pretty. I won't even start on her age:) She just happened to be a regular there too and sees sweet Alexis on a pretty consistent basis. 

Then while talking about writing this article with my sweet Art Director buddy and my love for writing, she mentions Julie Johnstone. And well, it's not every day you hang out with a Romance Novelist. Especially one that lives in your town. Julie wistfully writes romance while running a family household with her husband and you'd never know the difference. I loved getting to hear how her story got started. So next time you run past that rack of Novels with the sexy cover, you my be seeing the art of a local gal, who tapped into her creative genius. 

Without trying, it happened. The story of how we connect the dots when we really aren't even trying. How women of all different backgrounds can exchange stories and grow from one another when in any other light, may have never crossed paths.