When I hit the town I've got my motives... especially if it's a sunny Saturday mornin', and I just know you'll love checking them out too! Taste buds were made for love!


  • Alabama Biscuit for the LATTE- get it vanilla or get it sorghum... but just get it! It never disappoints. Throw your calories to the wind because it'll keep you dreaming of BAMA + biscuits for days to come!
  • URBAN STANDARD for the splurge! My go-to here is the MOCHA. They fire it up with a little cayenne and their homemade chocolate syrup. I go extra hot every time! ONLY way to do it. 
  • Feast & Forest for the win- if it's a CORTADO you like, it's sure to lift the spirits and keep you going for those lazy saturday strolls. Only problem is it doesn't last long enough!
  • Trattoria- 2 words... DOUBLE ICER, can I get a little hayah!! Best thing I've had for brunch in a while! I get it with vanilla bean, but they've go you covered if you dig nutella too! 
  • Continental Bakery-CAPPUCCINO strikes my fancy every time! I typically ask them to make it a medium because it's so good! (insert lip-licking emoji here) AND a bran muffin for the road. It really is! And it should be after all those years. PLUS the outdoor seating here is magical. You'll feel like you're in Italy just for a moment.
  • Just COFFEE-hit up the bar at Another Broken Egg for a cup of the local brew, aka ROYAL CUP, born & brewed right here in b'ham. Tastes like Grandma made it!