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Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?” -Mary Oliver
2013 African sunrise  

2013 African sunrise  

Q: What made you open your Studio BOMA?

A: I actually never thought of having a storefront. When I was in esthetic school, my colleagues would say 'you should open something and we'll all come work for you'. As nice of a compliment as that was, it just wasn't in my plans. But I wasn't the only one with a plan. In 2013 I was invited on the trip of a lifetime to Zimbabwe, Africa. When I came back, all I wanted to do was what God saw me doing, whether that had anything to do with styling for a shoot, makeup or skincare. I was super content, but I could've given it all up to be doing something that He had purposed in me. So when this whole journey of having a Studio started to unfold it was pretty evident that there was a plan greater than mine. I didn't know how it was going to happen, I just knew it would. Sometime last year I read a quote that felt like it was my Anthem: "Say yes to every clue!" And I think that's the ticket to living a life worth loving. I said yes and I haven't had one regret! It's been magical. 

Q: Where are you from and what's your background?

A: I grew up on a little farm in an itty bitty town called Green Pond about 30 miles outside of Birmingham, Al. My mom and my grandmother were both hairdressers and had a beauty shop right by our house. I'd often come home from school to the aroma of perms being given in our kitchen and the smell of dinner on the stove. It was our little version of Steel Magnolias! I really didn't know what I was going to do when I got out of high school. I was certain I would become a Dolphin trainer at Sea World, but since that required way too much chemistry, I honored my Valedictorian sister's intuition and started Cosmetology school instead. At the same time, I began working in the cosmetic department of a store in town and fell in love interacting with people, doing makeup and getting to make women feel beautiful... What could've been better? Years down the road, I decided to get my Skincare/Esthetics license and my journey turned into a dream of working on photo shoots for magazines, t.v. and everything in between. It's been a full ride for this small town girl!

Q: Favorite project you've ever worked on?

A: I've had many I would call faves. But I'll say the most surreal was working with a band I listened to on the radio as a kid. Any time we were in the car, the band ALABAMA was probably on the list. My dad had a cute habit of singing to my mom and their songs were his jam. So fast forward, and there I was as an adult doing makeup and hair for the members of that very band. WILD, for sure! 

Q: 3 Products every girl should have in their makeup bag?

A: I think makeup and skincare are the most universal language. People love talking about it. When someone new I meet finds out what I do, I immediately have a new found friend. A great conversation starter. Some of my must-haves are under eye concealer, I love BOBBI brown and Laura Mercier most.  Burt's Bees tinted lip balm, in every shade. and blush.... ALWAYS blush! My go-to's are Tarte "blissful cheek stain & Bobbi Brown Antigua illuminating blush. 

Q: What are your future plans for BOMA?

A: Right now, I'm just enjoying the moment. It's been the sweetest journey to here. Discovering new things, meeting new people, and just relishing in the beauty of something I can't take full credit for. But I'm a dreamer... so there's always something new on the horizon. And while I can't share the latest with you just yet, you WON'T be disappointed. 

Q: Considering your walk with God, do you have a favorite spiritual quote?

A: I do... I love John Eldredge and when I first became a believer, his descriptive writing style of storytelling so caught my attention. One of his quotes form WILD at heart is still an anchor for me. "Most men spend the energy of their lives trying to eliminate risk, or squeezing it down to a more manageable size." And to me, that sums up the difference between God and humanity... God is a risk taker. He's willing to go to great lengths to connect with us. He is Wild at Heart. And I kinda dig that about him! 

Q: If you had an alternate career, what would it be? 

A: Absolutely a Race Car Driver... Not even kidding! If there was any law I could break and get away with it, it'd be the speed limit... Especially on a backroad!  

*a Wildlife Photographer for National Geographic & obviously a Dolphin training are pretty high on the list too! 

Q: Do you always fly solo on gigs or do you work with a team?

A. I actually love being with people and collaborating on a project. It's one of my favorite parts about what I do. That and being 'behind the scenes'. I often say we're like a little ant farm. Everyone brings their talents and we create something special. That's the reward...we were all there to see it though. 

Q: How do you refuel yourself?

A: Quiet time and nature is my form of grounding. Definitely being outside... I have to have it. I am a sun-shiny type of girl, whether indoor, outdoor, I need to see it and know that it's there. So going for a hike or sitting in the park with a friend, it doesn't matter to me, but stepping into grass refuels my soul. I'll pick that every time! My family's place where I grew up is still my #1 spot for refueling. Nothing makes more sense to me, especially the crickets singing you to sleep. (Oh and I'm a total star gazer.) 

Q: What inspires you?

A: Stories. I love hearing other people's stories. How they got to be whomever they are. What took them from point A to B. And I love reading. Magazines. Blogs. The written word... I'm a fan of them all! Learning and soaking up knowledge is so much fun to me. And traveling. Seeing other parts of the world is such a game changer. It really does something to how your view your world. 

Q: How has your time in Africa impacted you?

A: The Southern part of AFRICA holds a special place in my heart. It's like nothing else in the world. The land of wildlife roaming without fences... Yes please! I feel like you haven't lived until you've been on a Safari. And the people in some of those places have very little to be excited about. But they somehow manage to carry joy like a torch. I'd say that's pretty inspiring. 

Q: Do you have a favorite go-to makeup brand? 

A: Why yes i do! I am well acquainted with Bobbi Brown Cosmetics. I worked for the company for many years and traveled freelance with them as well. I feel like every woman could use her brand start to finish. It's classic, it's clean, but it 's also trendy. She knows what's up when it comes to women who want to look their best in the most simple way. But I have so many favorite brands for different reasons. In my early days I worked for Chanel. And the way the French look at beauty is dreamy. So classic. I wanted to believe all the stories about Coco Chanel. And if there ever was an Icon I would've loved meeting, it would be her.

Q: How is BOMA different from any other place?

A: BOMA is truly my little beauty hub. It's unique, and i don't take that for granted. l wear so many hats, I have to remember what day of the week it is to know my career title. When I began this journey it was hairstyling, then came makeup, and years later I became an esthetician, specializing in skincare treatments. So at BOMA, I do them all. (But not all at the same time!) I quickly learned in esthetics that I very much disliked spa music, and still do! One day as I was driving along and listening to Big band and Swing on XM radio it hit me how much I loved that era of music. It almost never gets old. So I tested it out on some of my best clients and it stuck. People love it. And most of them comment the first, second, and third times they come into the studio. It's such a fun and unique touch!