HMMM, it's that time again...the time where love fills the air, chocolate & champagne glasses toasting on the reg, and we've swiped a few goals off our lists, ready to make the new year official...

I love FEBRUARY actually. It's refreshing in the sense that love is celebrated WAY more than any other month. Little trails of hearts are everywhere and wether single or married, we feel the feels of whatever love leaves behind. 

So in honor of the month of love, I wanted to offer up some sweet recommendations for a month to REMEMBER!! 

In my most radical opinion, great self-love is hard to come by. We set HUGE goals for the month of January that we didn't accomplish in the previous year. Now, is it just me or does that really seem to have an icky sound? Dragging your left-overs into a new & fresh, exciting year? 

I say CRASH (trash + crush) those goals and give yourself the gift that keeps on giving! LOVE. Love others of course, but loving you is an entirely different story! We NEED love. We need it BIG! But true love comes from within. If you don't have something, it's real hard to give it away.

Why not try this month to keep a self-awareness calendar of loving yourself for the next 4 weeks and creating especially sweet habits and thoughts towards yourself? 

When you do that, you actually remove focus from the negative thoughts surrounding you day-in and day-out, and replace them by seeing the good in you, while also seeing the good in someone else. It's true! When we see ourselves as lovely, we tend to see others as lovely... and well, that's a win-WIN! 

We need one another to stay in the game. To do the things we do well, while appreciating the beauty in others! It's your story, so go on and write a new chapter!  

It's a real thing to appreciate what you have to offer the world and in return, what others have to offer you! So go on, take the quest, give your 2018 goals a sweet overhaul. You'll be so glad you did!

our spontaneous Mexican adventure


I say this wholeheartedly... Grab a friend and go! I recently asked God for friends that loved to travel like I do. Three months later I had a new neighbor move directly above me with the same passion for traveling, sightseeing and experiencing other cultures. It's so much fun to have that in common with those around you. I have friends of all kinds, ones who are made for days in the rain, days outside, and laughing until your sides hurt. Each friend has such a unique purpose. And are certainly ALL necessary!

This friend asked me to join her on a weekend getaway and a week later I jumped on a plane and laughed my way through all the fun!! Keep your eyes open for adventure! You just might find it!!


10 things to do and take with you on a Spontaneous Mexican Adventure


1.  An adventurous spirit! We took a Bread baking class through Airbnb an it was amazing! Look up @Eliceolara on Insta and see what He's got going. We loved every minute of it! 

2.  A camera, there's a lot to see and you'll want to remember it.

3.  Comfy shoes... there are Art galleries everywhere, but there are nearly 200 there, so be ready and pick your faves

4.  Activated charcoal, for a girl who's experienced food poisoning a time or 10, I've come to be acquainted with what works fast!

5.  A translator, slow southern accents don't go over well...

6.  A carry-on, I got rerouted twice so having my luggage nearby was way less of a headache!

7.  An appetite, some amazing food to be experienced eveywhere you go. I never knew tamales were a breakfast situation, so don't expect to have them for dinner. 

8.  Something colorful- or else you'll stand out! Be part of the culture! And they love color! 

9.  Your A game + a Map!  when it comes to grabbing Uber, everything seems to sound the same...So make sure of where you're trying to go! 

10.  And always a good book! I'm a nerd, but love the airport, so traveling is a really great way to read a book quickly! 


As we engage in the journey to here, we are guided with only clues of what lies ahead. And to me, that's the heartfelt adventure of God... Seeing Him in everything we do. Knowing He's leading every excursion, every detail, and every excruciating part of how things unfold. boma beautiful

Good things take time... so it's been said! This is year 3 of business here at the Studio, and what appears to have just happened was finally branding the place I've come to know and love as my little home in the world. My little beauty hub. I now get what my newly-ish married friends, (friends into 3rd year of marriage) are talking about when they say they haven't changed their last names yet. You always think you'll get to things sooner than you do. But even so, it has been a crazy whirlwind of excitement to see it all come together!

The logo... the brochures... and a new blog at last! So follow along to keep up with the journey here and around the globe!

I took the vision + adventure and put them into one unique place. And it meant so much... every little detail of it coming together. Every hand that touched it. From creation to production it's a big fun process putting designs on paper to what speaks out your storyline. But I wouldn't trade it. The outcome was greater than the question marks. Anticipation greater than the waiting. 

Here's are some photos of the process and a little shoutout to everyone that made this possible during the production of it all. 

My good friend and artist Christina Johnson made this dream come to life! I called her up and said this is what I'm thinking... and she said I'll pray and we'll see what happens. You gotta love that!! (I do anyhow!) Look her up at Christina_Johnson78 She's lovely!!

Then designer Rachel Bradford-Deaton took it all to the next level! She poured over my card like it was her own. I really took my first vision and married it to the second. FREELANCE part 1 + STUDIO part 2. Having that all make sense required a mind who could comprehend and not take me from my vision. 

AFTERPRESS- this little chica is a rockstar! There's no discount for me telling you this, trust me! But the investment and the work was worth it all! When you get to be a part of the process letterpress requires. From how the colors are chosen, to the paper, the whole thing begins to make sense. If you have needs of letterpress anytime soon, meet with this one, BRADY! She gets it... and she gets people! She'll meet you at the front door of their cute space with a warm smile! 

I couldn't have done it without all of you!! Many many thanks to your love & hard work!! XOXO, kb


Wasted time...

Summer can feel like a delayed response....  A season that comes and goes like dust settling on an old dirt road. One minute you're up in the air, and the next like the road less traveled. It's easy to feel like we've got too much time on our hands and if we allow it, become discouraged that things aren't going as planned. That we aren't making any progress. But that isn't always the case...

There's a running theme here, and summer is an invitation to rest. A great reminder of the moments where we sink a little deeper & live a little freer. One thing I've learned is that time is never wasted. There's a gift in every moment. Every moment that feels like you're not seeing the end result your heart so pounds for can also be a channel of unforseen goodness and rejuvenation.

photo by James Acomb 

photo by James Acomb 

I encourage you today to take a step forward into your future and look back into the present moment. Fresh perspective often changes the things you see & feel and overwhelm becomes a thing of the past. Throw your hands up and run with the wind. Drown out the thoughts that ail your joy and give them a good kick in the pants. Let your heart experience something new as peace becomes your sidekick. Don't try and figure anything out. The middle of the journey is a powerful place to be! And NEVER a waste of time.