our spontaneous Mexican adventure


I say this wholeheartedly... Grab a friend and go! I recently asked God for friends that loved to travel like I do. Three months later I had a new neighbor move directly above me with the same passion for traveling, sightseeing and experiencing other cultures. It's so much fun to have that in common with those around you. I have friends of all kinds, ones who are made for days in the rain, days outside, and laughing until your sides hurt. Each friend has such a unique purpose. And are certainly ALL necessary!

This friend asked me to join her on a weekend getaway and a week later I jumped on a plane and laughed my way through all the fun!! Keep your eyes open for adventure! You just might find it!!


10 things to do and take with you on a Spontaneous Mexican Adventure


1.  An adventurous spirit! We took a Bread baking class through Airbnb an it was amazing! Look up @Eliceolara on Insta and see what He's got going. We loved every minute of it! 

2.  A camera, there's a lot to see and you'll want to remember it.

3.  Comfy shoes... there are Art galleries everywhere, but there are nearly 200 there, so be ready and pick your faves

4.  Activated charcoal, for a girl who's experienced food poisoning a time or 10, I've come to be acquainted with what works fast!

5.  A translator, slow southern accents don't go over well...

6.  A carry-on, I got rerouted twice so having my luggage nearby was way less of a headache!

7.  An appetite, some amazing food to be experienced eveywhere you go. I never knew tamales were a breakfast situation, so don't expect to have them for dinner. 

8.  Something colorful- or else you'll stand out! Be part of the culture! And they love color! 

9.  Your A game + a Map!  when it comes to grabbing Uber, everything seems to sound the same...So make sure of where you're trying to go! 

10.  And always a good book! I'm a nerd, but love the airport, so traveling is a really great way to read a book quickly!