HMMM, it's that time again...the time where love fills the air, chocolate & champagne glasses toasting on the reg, and we've swiped a few goals off our lists, ready to make the new year official...

I love FEBRUARY actually. It's refreshing in the sense that love is celebrated WAY more than any other month. Little trails of hearts are everywhere and wether single or married, we feel the feels of whatever love leaves behind. 

So in honor of the month of love, I wanted to offer up some sweet recommendations for a month to REMEMBER!! 

In my most radical opinion, great self-love is hard to come by. We set HUGE goals for the month of January that we didn't accomplish in the previous year. Now, is it just me or does that really seem to have an icky sound? Dragging your left-overs into a new & fresh, exciting year? 

I say CRASH (trash + crush) those goals and give yourself the gift that keeps on giving! LOVE. Love others of course, but loving you is an entirely different story! We NEED love. We need it BIG! But true love comes from within. If you don't have something, it's real hard to give it away.

Why not try this month to keep a self-awareness calendar of loving yourself for the next 4 weeks and creating especially sweet habits and thoughts towards yourself? 

When you do that, you actually remove focus from the negative thoughts surrounding you day-in and day-out, and replace them by seeing the good in you, while also seeing the good in someone else. It's true! When we see ourselves as lovely, we tend to see others as lovely... and well, that's a win-WIN! 

We need one another to stay in the game. To do the things we do well, while appreciating the beauty in others! It's your story, so go on and write a new chapter!  

It's a real thing to appreciate what you have to offer the world and in return, what others have to offer you! So go on, take the quest, give your 2018 goals a sweet overhaul. You'll be so glad you did!