Being from the South I tell ya, there's not a

heck of a lot more I'm proud of!  I must admit

I do love everything Southern, 

especially in the Fall! From fireplaces 

to porch swings, sweet tea to long conversations. 

And that Southern hospitality... Y'all, that doesn't exist everywhere!  

When I travel, it's a crowd pleaser! People immediately want to know all about my life. 

Keep talking they say, (well except that one 20 yr. old boy Barista in Banff recently!) 

But I do think it's something we carry 

unintentionally. People believe there's a story there, 

and there is! So when I'm invited to share mine 

I don't take it for granted. I give them all the fun 

details about why I wouldn't exchange 

my Southern heritage!


So to share about this event with you, one of my favorite spots in the 

world this time of year was my grandparents front porch. Almost daily growing up, 

I'd find my grandad sitting there after dinner, whittling something or nothing out of cedar… 

but silence, sunsets or just good ol' conversations happened right there on that front porch. 

And if I can't be roaming around the world exploring, or doing makeup on some lovely face, 

I'd like to be sitting right there, on a porch in the country soaking in a crisp fall breeze. 

So that's the experience I hope to bring you! An event with a "FRONT PORCH FEEL!"

  I wanna bring that same kind of interaction to you, using makeup and my stories! 


When I opened my studio in 2014, I wanted to create a safe-approachable 

place for women to come in and learn how to apply makeup that would 

make them look like their best self, in a private setting, without any 

pressure to purchase something... it would be all about the learning. 

And it's been DREAMY! 

BUT, i've been asked repeatedly when I'll have some products at 

BOMA to have you out the door with what you needed. 

My answer has always been, 

"when something fits all the boxes on my list!" 


SO... here you go, ladies!! You won't be disappointed! 

 I'll be previewing the new makeup line and why I chose it! 

Trust me, it's just as pretty in person as you think it will be… 

Everything you need in one beautiful little customized palette! 

And you'll be able to purchase it there, on the spot! 

(no pressure though)


Join me on November 12th as I'll be hosting the 


BOMA Makeup Porch Party! 

I'll have a few of my favorite people there who are kind of 

responsible for my start in the beauty world. We'll be swapping 

stories & giving you the good stuff about how it all began! 






I'll be doing a few LIVE DEMOS for you ladies to watch and 

enjoy & sharing what few items every girl should carry in her clutch this holiday season! 



If you haven't been to the beautiful SWANN LAKE STABLES, 

you're missing out! They are the sweetest friends of mine and  

it's a great time to see it decorated for fall! 



by shooting an email***




Simply say

"reserve two spaces"

 with your name and a phone number where you can be reached for payment. 


be the first 20 ppl to RSVP before November 7th

and receive a signature candle from BOMA

(it's pretty lovely, if i do say so myself!)


The address to SWANN LAKES is

4291 Sicard Hollow Road, Birmingham, Al 35242


Cost is $40 + BRING 1 FRIEND

 who hasn't yet been to BOMA. At that price, you both win! 


Can't wait to see you there!!