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the speakers

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Callie Blount

Raised by a very Southern mama in a BBQ-obsessed small town in Alabama, the resounding message of Carrie’s life seems to be that the best way to love people was to love them with food. In her day job as a food stylist, she works with clients and products ranging from protein powder ice cream to Trisha Yearwood's slow cooker recipes. Her true passion lies in encouraging women, and teaching them how to make simple, tasty and fun food on her YouTube channel Luv Cooks.



Glory is a side product of watching your guts be out in the open and God doing something fabulous with it.  A year ago I stepped out into the unknown. With a brush in my hand, I knew making art was my story. I just didn’t know how God would use it to build new dreams inside of me. This year has taught me so much... like how to be a better artist. A stronger woman of faith and a dang good pet sitter. 

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Victoria lemmons

Victoria is a classic Enneagram 7. She has a love for life & passion for beauty that has led her to some amazing life experiences; from starring as a jogger for Adidas, to living in LA for 10 years, to her childhood cattle farm in New Mexico, she epitomizes adventure and love. Her eye for creativity and love for music carried her to Nashville, where she currently lives. In her free time, Victoria loves finding the perfect iced coffee, watching The British Bake-off and baking her famous homemade bread.

Laura Gaines


kerri foster

Kerri is a single mom of one with a lifestyle of a concoction of schooling from home, and running three businesses, all while reverting to her grassroots. Kerri has a desire for women to feel purposeful, inspired, and empowered again. She wants them to know they have a special assignment the Lord designed especially for them, and to accomplish this task, resting is imperative. Not just physical rest but rest that comes from surrender, obedience, and trusting Lord.

lindsay morris


the when

october 21
12:30 - 7:30 pm

the where

5635 Mountain Pass Rd
Gadsden, AL 35907